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Retreat events designed to leave you feeling authentically inspired, mindful & rejuvenated.

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None of our retreats are ever the same! We like to provide a unique experience at every event and mix things up from our own ‘activities menu’.

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We aim to leave guests feeling inspired, long after their time with us.

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Our retreats are designed to deliver guests with a holiday of the mind & soul! In yoga, the practice is a pathway to liberation. As your guides, we have carefully curated each event to provide guests a fun journey of mindfulness, wellness and play. These experiences range from half-day events to 7-day immersive holiday retreats.

It’s our aim that people of all backgrounds and physical levels may enjoy their time with us to develop their own personal practices such as gratitude, connecting with nature, play and living in the present. Perfectly designed for people who wish to unwind, learn new techniques, de-stress or spiritually expand.

Our events are all unique and include an array of indoor & outdoor activities such as yoga, breath-work, meditation, workshops, creative therapies, sound healing, indulging in yummy hot cacao + more! All guests receive a full retreat experience with plenty of tools, techniques and new knowledge to take home.

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The support team provides a comfortable and safe environment to ensure everyone makes the most of their time with us. It’s our goal to provide quality information from a broad spectrum of wellness and creative professionals delivering a unique ‘retreat’ experience each time. We aim to leave guests feeling inspired, long after their time with us!

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Check out our podcast ‘Aquarius Rising’ where we discuss important strategies and theories that are aimed at expanding the mind, help you break through your own limiting beliefs and barriers. Join us in the discussion of ideologies shared in yogic philosophy, spirituality, personal development where we not only discuss topics in depth but have a lot of fun and a bit of fun chit-chat!