About Us

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide a rejuvenating holiday that allows guests to relax their mind and disconnect from the stress of their everyday lives. We utilise the basic principles of wellness, nutrition, yogic philosophy and creative outlets to fill-up our itineraries. These itineraries are designed to accommodate people of all backgrounds and physical levels to develop their own personal practices through learned techniques, enjoying the mental break and connecting with nature.

Behind The Name

Temples are sacred places that people go to pray. The human body is the temple to our soul and our mind. We are all divine creatures that keep the sacred knowledge of the universe in our cells. The ancient yoga practice leads us to awaken that knowledge by daily practice of asanas (postures), breathworks (pranayama) and mindfulness. One of the most well known yoga guides BKS Iyengar said, ‘ My body is my temple and asanas are my prayers.’ In the Temple of The Mind retreats, we invite our guests to explore this idea and find the wholeness and bliss by providing space and time to get away from our daily lives and explore the ancient practice of yoga, mindfulness activities and learning to be grateful in every moment. We give you the tools to come back to your own temple (body and the mind) and take this information with you so that you can find this beautiful place within you in your everyday life after you leave our retreat experience.

Our Retreats

Temple of the mind retreats are designed to deliver guests with a holiday of the mind & soul! In yoga, the practice is a pathway to liberation. As your guides, we have carefully curated each event to provide guests a fun journey of mindfulness, wellness and play. These experiences range from half-day events to 7-day immersive holiday retreats.

It’s our aim that people of all backgrounds and physical levels may enjoy their time with us to develop their own personal practices such as gratitude, connecting with nature, play and living in the present. Perfectly designed for people who wish to unwind, learn new techniques, de-stress or expand spiritually.

Our events are all unique and include an array of indoor & outdoor activities such as yoga, breath-work, meditation, workshops, creative therapies, sound healing, indulging in yummy hot cacao + more! All guests receive a full retreat experience with plenty of tools, techniques and new knowledge to take home.

The support team provide a comfortable and safe environment to ensure everyone makes the most of their time with us. It’s our goal to provide quality information from a broad spectrum of wellness and creative professionals delivering a unique ‘retreat’ experience each time. We aim to leave guests feeling inspired, long after their time with us!

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Meet Our Team

Angie Meagher


Background: 10+ years experience in the Tourism industry to ensure a full itinerary of inspiring activities, healing opportunities, quality excursions & hosts a full itinerary to match. Lover of personal development & student for life in all things wellness! Qualified Yoga teacher to guide you in developing your own personal practice alongside techniques such as pranayama (breathing) & meditation.

Strengths: "Personal & spiritual development is my forte! I'll do my best to ensure you make the most of your retreat from start to finish!"


Each individual on our team has their own unique style, gifts, talents and experiences that they bring to our retreat events to make your time with us one-of-a-kind. 

All sharing the same vision but from different walks of life; these queens thrive in empowering others and have a genuine care for each person they meet. 

We aim to share our knowledge, talents and gifts to make you feel held, inspired, uplifted at each and every event we host.

Kiki Ceviker


Background: Qualified Yoga teacher guiding others through asana practice, meditation and pranayama (breathing). Spiritual enthusiast bringing a warm energy along with insight and excitement to each event.

Strengths: "Being an empath who's sensitive to things, helps me to understand energy of the people around me. I love enjoying the present moment, listening to others and lifting them up, I cannot wait to connect with you at our retreats."